Premium Personal Training

Train like a pro, with TRAINERS of first class athletes

No hassle, no gymtimidation, no crowd…
…instead we provide tailored training programs created by our experts with state-of-the-art equipment.

7 reasons why you should join:

No hassle, nor waiting list, no crowd

2. Special training program for your level of fitness

Exercises tailored to your specific fitness goals

Exceptional combination of functional training and pre/rehabilitation (if applicable)

Tracking and analyzing your development and improvement

Special inspiration by your trainer, and you will stay motivated

State-of-the-art equipment and exceptional trainers of first class athletes

The 6 steps of success

Physical assessment

Prior to the planning of your customized training program, we take a comprehensive assessment regarding your physical/fitness level. Based on these results and fitness goals set out by you, we are able create the most effective program tailored to you.

Set out goals

We may provide guidance to you to determine what goals should you persue

Customizing training program

Developing basic and advanced skills


in order to have a regular summary of your development


This is key to achieve great results. Our trainers are able to provide constant motivation throughout your program, just as they train professional athletes.


Trust and experience are crucial elements of personal training. Therefore, let us introduce our top of the class trainers .

Zsolt Pozsonyi

TRX Master Trainer,
EXOS Performance Mentor
R-med Akadémia szakmai vezető

“We have created the Performance Lab so that we can the best possible results in all situations without any compromises. Along my career, I realized that many times the great result could not be achieved due to the lack of necessary equipment. Thankfully, in the Performance Lab we have all the necessary equipment at one place.”

Bence Vass

Nyme-Sek Testnevelő edző (2011)
Nyme-Sek Edzői szakterületi specializáció (2012)
IWI PT Eqf level 4 (2010)

I joined the R-med Performance Lab team upon the request of Zsolt Pozsonyi, thus I can provide training services to our clients to the best of my abilities, in accordance with the newest professional trends and principles.

Gábor Schandl

TRX STC Trainer
Testnevelő tanár, Torna edző
Humánkineziológus (MSc)

In order to achieve great performance, we must use our power the most efficient way possible. Along with that, I provide the most recent and professionally acknowledged training techniques.




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